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DO NOT make fun of autistic people for asking questions. DO NOT make fun of autistic people for wearing certain things or behaving in a way you’re not used to. DO NOT MAKE FUN OF AUTISTIC PEOPLE HOW HARD IS THIS TO UNDERSTAND

How about, don’t make fun of people? Cool? Cool.

Of course I completely forgot everyone else when I was talking about the rights of autistic people. Forgive me for being so discriminatory

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 "Security is something that’s for prisoners. Everyone gets so caught up in the mindset of wanting their security. You can say you want your security but that security comes at a price. The security comes at the price of your freedom. You’ll get your paycheck every two weeks, on time—direct deposit. But you will have to be exactly where I tell you to be and do exactly what I tell you to do everyday. That’s the trade off.”  


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Ghanaian State of Mind


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Good Vibes HERE
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My parents & grandparents town…. No longer living in #JamesTown but I visit EVERYTIME go home. Still but fresh fish with my pops when we go back. I’ll be there real soon. Counting the days… I miss Ghana

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